Qingdao Homing 2019 Guangzhou Rubber and Plastic Exhibition

12.12 2019

On May 21, the four-day for Chinaplas2019. Qingdao Homing and his team demonstrated a one-time EPE foamed thick sheet production line, and there was a steady stream of visitors at the booth of Qingdao Homing Company.

Qingdao Hongming Intelligent Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in manufacturing closed-cell non cross linked EPE foam machine. Relying on strong R & D capabilities and quality control systems, after years of hard work and innovation, we have successfully launched the mature HM series of non cross linked EPE foam sheet machine.

During the exhibition, the staff of Homing Company made a comprehensive introduction to the visitors on the EPE foam sheet machine main performance, production technology, and application fields. Let visitors feel the ingenuity of Qingdao Homing. At the same time, in the process of communication, make explanations and explanations on issues such as EPE foam equipment quality, after-sales service, and remote debugging that customers care about. The comprehensive quality display made every guest on the site feel Qingdao Homing's relentless pursuit of equipment quality and detailed control.