How to improve the competitiveness of the EPE foam sheet?

12.12 2019

Based on the above issue, Homing has introduced advanced foreign technology and independently developed the single-layer EPE foam thick plank production line;

the single-layer EPE foam plank has its unique production process and formula, and the product fully meets the requirements of ROHS, and meet the Environmental requirements with developed countries such as Europe, America, Japan, and Korea. The plank no bonding, to save a lot of processes, the efficiency is increased by more than 35%.

Why is the single-layer foam plank more competitive?

1) The surface of the single layer foam plank is flat and beautiful, it improves the problems of corrugation, easy opening and foaming of the bonded EPE foam;

2) Single layer max thickness: 105mmm, No bonding process, Reduced fire hazards;

3) 20KG/M3 single-layer EPE foam plank can replace 24KG/M3 composite sheet.

Single layer EPE foam plank main material is LDPE, through physical foaming, extrusion molding, It’s environmental protection, non-toxic and tasteless; the prospect of the single-layer EPE foam plank is good; It's replacing the bonded EPE foam step by stem.