Non-crosslinked EPE foam plank extrusion line

12.12 2019

The EPE foam which extruded by our EPE foam extrusion machine with smooth and beautiful surface, size stable, and good rebound.

Max thickness:100mm, max width:950mm

Max-width 2000mm, suitable for big wide mattress

1. EPE foam plank is widely used for packaging, children's furniture&toys, mattress, sports, building.

2.Electric packaging, such as air-condition, TV, pad

3.Foods and fruits packaging

4.Children's furniture&Toys


6. Sports

Single-layer EPE foam plank is widely used, and greatly improved the problems of traditional composite sheets。

1.Foams plank: Surface flat&beautiful, stable size, large elasticity, good memory recovery, no composite layer, easy to cut, no cracking layer.

2.producing cost: 

one molding, no Bonding, low production cost, saving labor.

Single-layer EPE foam sheet extrusion machine is favored by domestic and foreign customers; We exported to North America, Europe, South Asia, Southeast Asia, etc.